Plumbing Service
Call the “hotline” at ext. 5555 or (972) 566-5555 for any plumbing issues within your suite. Common plumbing issues are: drain backup, toilet overflow, not enough hot water, no water pressure & water too hot.

To prevent toilet overflows, please advise users to not discard any items in the toilet other than toilet paper. It is also recommended that you post a sign as a reminder. Office staff should be advised on how to turn off the water supply to the toilet, should a toilet overflow. This timely act could help mitigate damage to your space and/or to the tenant below you.

The MCDL Maintenance department can make minor repairs to the plumbing fixtures; however, should one of the devices require repair or replacement by a licensed plumber, this cost is borne by the tenant. The “hotline” representative will provide names of approved, licensed plumbers that may perform these repairs.