AC & Heating Services

When your space was constructed, ductwork, AC grills and HVAC boxes, were installed so they could be connected to the building’s central heating & air conditioning systems. From time to time, you may experience varying degrees of temperature problems within your suite, which are easily corrected most of the time. The heating within your suite is installed and located along the windows or the perimeters of the building, while the air-cooling is located within the interior of the space as well as along the windows. The perimeter thermostats control both the heating and the cooling, while the interior thermostats control only cooling.

MCDL provides heating, ventilating and air-conditioning maintenance consisting of thermostat calibrations and repairs on HVAC box controllers at no charge to the tenant. Upon your request, you will be provided a “locator map” delineating which thermostats control different sections of the suite.

Examples of AC & heating problems you may experience are as follows:

  • Temperature too hot
  • Temperature too cold
  • Inadequate ventilation

If the above maintenance services cannot rectify the heating or cooling problem, or if a finer level of control is desired, a suite may require:

  • HVAC mechanical modifications
  • Additional thermostat locations
  • Additional heating and cooling boxes

If modifications are required, the tenant will bear the cost for these additions or modifications. The “hotline” representative at ext. 5555 or (972) 566-5555 will provide you with the names of approved, licensed HVAC contractors to perform such modifications.