About Us
History of Medical City


Medical City Dallas opened in 1974 as the brainchild of Robert J. (Bob) Wright and the physicians of Southwest Clinic where Bob Wright served as clinic manager. It was designed from the physician’s point of view to offer maximum medical practice efficiency. Medical City, as it is now called, provides a very close geographic relationship between outpatient and inpatient services that minimizes time and distance for the physician, patient and visitor alike; while maximizing the number of patients that can be seen by a physician.

The widest array of adult and pediatric services of any hospital in North Texas is provided by many of the highest peer-rated physicians in the area. The physicians on the campus operate with many of the benefits of a large multi-specialty group practice but still maintain their own individual practices.

The campus was built, owned and operated for 33 years by Medical City Dallas, Ltd., a partnership of medical professionals and local investors. In 2007 the partnership placed Medical City under the Healthcare Properties Inc. umbrella, which provided a long-term ownership structure with a NYSE Real-Estate Investment Trust. The General Partners and most of the limited partners maintained their ownership while gaining access to capital needs for the future. The management team remains in place and averages over 25 years' experience with MCD. They are known as Medical City Dallas Management, Ltd or MCDL.

The largest tenant at Medical City is that of Medical City Hospital and is operated by HCA Corp. Medical City has expanded every five years since its inception from one building of 400,000 square feet to seven buildings totaling 2 million square feet. Plans are being made for future expansions both vertically and horizontally.