Housekeeping / Hazardous Waste

Housekeeping Services

MCDL provides comprehensive housekeeping services to physician tenants; the cost of which is included in the monthly rental. For example, the service includes trash collection, vacuuming, toilet cleaning, dusting, wet mopping and waxing. Office suites are cleaned Sunday through Thursday evenings. The housekeeping department provides a daily trashcan liner for each trashcan within a tenant’s space. Tenants, however, are expected to provide their own paper products such as paper towels, toilet tissue and Kleenex.

Upon request, MCDL will issue special cleaning instructions to the housekeepers who clean your suite. Should you have special instructions of this nature, please call the Building Manager at ext. 7305 or ((972) 566-7305) or the “hotline” at ext. 5555 or (972) 566-5555. For example, you may wish to have your desktop cleaned with a certain solvent or wax, or you may wish for the housekeeper to avoid handling certain furnishings such as an expensive vase. On occasion, you might also find that the housekeeper failed to clean something in the suite to your satisfaction. If this should occur, please call these same numbers.

MCDL’s Housekeeping Department will respond quickly to all calls involving spills, toilet overflows and others of a similar nature. It is recommended, however, that each tenant provide a small broom or dust buster in the office for minor cleanups.

Hazardous Waste Removal

Each evening, Sunday through Thursday, housekeepers will remove hazardous waste from your office, if routinely scheduled or specifically requested to do so. Please call the “hotline” at ext. 5555 or (972) 566-5555 if you have any questions regarding hazardous waste disposal or if you wish to schedule a pick-up time.

In order for them to be removed, please keep the weight limit of the bag below 25 pounds and/or do not overfill the bags. The housekeeping service is not authorized to close these containers and will not pick them up if they are not properly closed. Red bag waste is disposed of in an appropriate manner, and “Sharps” containers are taken to a holding area, where they are batched for transport to a commercial, out-of-state waste site for disposal. Tenants must purchase red bags and sharps containers to be used for disposal purposes.